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Welcome to the new website about the city of Potsdam, presented by the tourist information portal LatLon-Europe. The journey to the capital of the Federal land of Brandenburg takes about half an hour in train from Berlin’s main station. The city is famous throughout the world for its unique architectural ensembles included in the UNESCO list of world heritage.

Potsdam was the second residence of the electors of Brandenburg and kings of Prussia who sought peace and recreation on the outskirts of Berlin. Several generations from the House of Hohenzollern – notably, Frederick the Great –contributed to create a genuine idyll. A number of palaces, lodges and pavilions were built amid a beautiful natural setting, and exquisite landscape gardening did the rest. The Foundation of Prussian Palaces and Gardens is responsible for the exemplary administration and maintenance of about 30 sites. But Potsdam’s townscape shows a wealth of variety. After expanding in the 18 th century to become a garrison city, the emerging bourgeoisie discovered it in the 19 th century. Their numerous villas and mansions have seen an impressive renaissance since German reunification.

If you are visiting Berlin, you simply must do a day trip to Potsdam. Or plan for a longer stay right away. You certainly won’t regret it. We wish you a pleasant time and hope you will enjoy discovering Potsdam. Please feel free to share your experiences with us and suggest new places.


Our pages offer useful information to help visitors find their way around Potsdam and appreciate its charms. Choose your own must-sees from our selection of the main sights in the city of Potsdam. Moreover, we introduce you to the whole region, offering details on various subjects, and give you an overview of the city’s history.

A brief overview of our website’s contents:

Sights and monuments of Potsdam

For example: The old city center
The old town of Potsdam is composed of several well-defined quarters. The main axis of the second Baroque extension, once defined by a town wall, is Brandenburger Straße, which ends at the ostentatious Brandenburg gate. Two other gates of that enclosure still exist, Jägertor (hunters' gate, the oldest) and Nauener Tor, built by Büring in 1754 based on a sketch by Frederick the Great... Read more...

Click here to find all the sights at a glance


History of Potsdam

Archaeologists found evidence of a Germanic settlement on a hill of the Sacrow peninsula, dating from 650 BC. During the Migration Period, Slavic tribes settled along the rivers of Spree, Oder and Havel. One of their most important colonies between 500 and 700 AD was Stodor, situated around the area of Potsdam’s “Große Fischerstraße”. Most place-names in the region, such as Berlin, Spandau, Köpenick and Brandenburg, are of... Read more...

Click here to find the History of Potsdam

Look out: Our page offers useful information and details of the best hotels and restaurants in the city of Potsdam.


Whether you stop by for a short visit or stay at Potsdam for a longer time, we hope it will be a pleasant experience. By providing information about all the cultural offerings in town and around the region the portal LatLon-Potsdam wants to help make your visit memorable. Most of LatLon’s pages of are printable in PDF-format.

A brief overview of our website’s contents:

Museums in Potsdam

For example: FLUXUS+ Museum
Museum FLUXUX+ emphasises on the artist Wolf Vostell and on the works of artists of the Fluxus movement. Thus the exhibition provides a review of the development of the Avantgarde during the second half of the 20th century. Four contemporary artists allow a glance on today´s interpretation of the dictum:art=life=art Read more...

Click here to see all the museums at a glance


Culture and leisure offerings

To assist you in preparing your travel to Potsdam, this page lists the most popular cultural and leisure venues.

A brief overview of our website’s contents:

  Theaters, Concerts, Art Galleries
  Amazing Places to Discover & Relaxation
  Potsdam Highlights


2022 Calendar of events at Potsdam

Visit the new version of the LatLon website which replaces these pages (All events 2024) 😃 :


The best way to understand and appreciate a place is by hiring the services of a passionate tour guide. Our local partner will discover the highlights of Potsdam to you.
Individual programs available on request.

Your expert local guide in Potsdam

For more information on our guided tours click here...


Europe is a beautiful continent and many of its cities are worth visiting. LatLon-Europe was created to present some of its most interesting and attractive cities, providing all useful information you need to plan a holiday: Sights & monuments, the history of the city; moreover, a choice of the best hotels & restaurants, and cultural offerings and events in the region – all of this in several languages.

LatLon-Europe is a web portal for tourist information managed by Pascal Jeanrenaud from Berlin. Various local partners support the small business. LatLon-Europe introduces a new travel destination that deserves your attention, from well-known cities like Berlin, Dresden, Geneva, Munich, Cologne and Hamburg to smaller towns like Neuchâtel, Lausanne or Potsdam.

If you are interested in collaborating in the presentation of one of our next destinations, find additional information under the headings “About this website” and “Your business in this space” or simply send us an E-mail.

We hope that our presentations make you want to discover these places on one your next travels. We invite you visit our website regularly and get to know more charming cities in Europe.

Please note: As LatLon-Europe exclusively provides information, we invite you to contact the tourist service providers, such as hotels or tour guides, yourself. We also have a list of specialized travel agencies available.

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