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Vi suggeriamo una serie di hotels di qualità.

In Berlin you will find a wide variety of accommodation on offer, meeting the
needs of transient guests and longer-term visitors alike.

Have a look at our selection of the hotels we especially recommend. You are welcome
to give us your opinion about them.
Contact the hotels directly to book yourself or
make your reservation through a local travel agency.

In addition, you are given a short introduction to the different quarters of town to
getter a better orientation in the choice of the place that best suits you.

You have three options how to seach for a hotel:
   By district
- click on your favourite area of the Berlin city map

   By category - click on your choice from the panel on the left

We wish you a comfortable stay!

  Zone 1 - Mitte Zone 2 - Prenzlauer Berg Zone 3 - Charlottenburg/ Tiergarten Zone 1 - Mitte Zone 2 - Prenzlauer Berg Zone 5 - Kreuzberg / Friedrichshain Zone 4 - Schöneberg/ Wilmersdorf Zone 4 - Schöneberg/ Wilmersdorf Zone 3 - Charlottenburg/ Tiergarten Zone 6 Zone 5 - Kreuzberg/ Friedrichshain Zone 6  
  Hotels in Mitte
The limits of Berlin’s smallest district correspond the city’s dimension of  1840. Consequently, this is where most historic monuments and the famous  museum are to be found. In the past decade, Mitte has experienced a  construction and tourist boom, with hotels and shops sprouting up, as  around Friedrichstraße. Besides, many old edifices have been refurbished,  although the major project – the master plan for the Museums Island – will  not be concluded until 2015.
Museums - historic city centre - big hotels - architecture - "East" - From the Brandenburg Gate to Alexanderplatz - Gendarmenmarkt
  Hotels in Prenzlauer Berg
This quarter, though mostly spared by bombs in the war, fell into neglect  afterwards and only revived in the nineties, thus becoming a symbol for a  young, cosmopolitan Berlin: Students and creative folks moved in, opened  bars & shops, renovated houses and – started families. Around Kollwitz  square and the impressing structure of the water tower you will find  countless cafés brimming with life and interesting people. This is absolutely the place to be for all who are ‘young in mind’. And, by the  way, it’s only 15 minutes from the Museums Island by public transport.
Young - creative - intellectual - fashion - cafés and 'beer gardens' - "East" - Kollwitzplatz - Wasserturm - Kulturbrauerei - Kastanienallee
  Hotels in Charlottenburg and Tiergarten
If you travel by train, you will probably arrive at Berlin’s grand central station,   opened in 2006, close to the new parliamentary district and the modern  centre around Potsdamer Platz. But, although Zoo station was downgraded,  there are still many nice hotels to be found in the vicinity and around  Ku’damm. What once was the centre of former West Berlin continues to be a  most popular shopping area, beneath the distinctive silhouette of the  Memorial Church. Not far from Charlottenburg palace, where some Prussian  kings used to spend the summer, are also the fairgrounds, the convention  centre and the Olympic Stadium.
In the middle of Tiergarten, which also is the name of a park with a surface  of over 500 acres, lies another of Berlin’s landmarks: The Victory column,  which you may want to climb, after a morning run or a placid walk in this  green oasis in the heart of the city.
Accessibility - museums - parks - shopping - "West" - Ku'damm - Charlottenburg Palace - Tiergarten - central train station
  Hotels in Schöneberg and Willmersdorf
Near to Potsdamer Platz, Kreuzberg and Ku’damm shopping area,  Schöneberg is the perfect base for trips in all directions. There are nice  antiquities, fashion and design shops in the area, the atmosphere is relaxed,  with slight touch of Bohème. Some streets are firmly in hands of the gay  scene, but still you meet quite a mixed crowd here at night. Wilmersdorf is much quieter and more bourgeois, with beautiful mansions  from the last 100 years, not only in the residential areas lining/along  Grunewald forest. But even here you find some corners where you can  sense a whiff of the twenties – it’s definitely Berlin. Schöneberg town hall, formerly seat of the West Berlin government, saw a  historical moment on 26 June, 1963 when John F. Kennedy, on his visit to the  Cold-War border town, spoke the unforgotten words: "Ich bin ein Berliner"…  (Click here lo listen).
Fashion - gay - shopping - antiquities - " West" 
 KDW - Grunewald forest - Ku'damm
  Hotels in Kreuzberg and Friedrichshain
Kreuzberg, which in post-war Berlin was part of the American sector  (Checkpoint Charlie), lay in the shade of the wall. While the average citizen  fled these areas, the quarter turned into a refuge for people eager to  experiment new social and artistic forms. Immigrants, mainly of Turkish  origin, also settled here, as the housing was cheap - and derelict! Although  the wild times of the squatters’ movement have long passed, some of that  spirit still lingers. You may best experience this multicultural flair in May at the Carnival of Cultures. The nearby ‘Landwehrkanal” is an  enticing place for a walk or a boat trip. The Eastern ‘sister district’ Friedrichshain, on the other side of the river  Spree, is quite different, but nonetheless interesting. Between Karl-Marx- Allee, a monumental avenue from Stalinist times, and the East Side  Gallery on the remains of former wall you get a different idea of Berlin. Don’t  miss the quarter around Simon-Dach-Straße, popular not only with students  and perfect for a night out.
 Young - hip - arts - fashion - alternative - "Little Stambul" - "East and West" - CheckPoint Charlie - Landwehrkanal - Oberbaumbrücke - Karl Marx Alle
  Hotels outside the Berlin city centre
Berlin covers a huge area of over 340 sq miles. The hotels presented  hereunder are less than a 30 minutes drive away from the Berlin city centre.  Some of them offer better terms or facilities for large groups; some are  situated in a nice, quite surrounding or closer to airports and motorways. All are, of course, closer to the surrounding region of Brandenburg that is  well worth more than one visit. Besides towns like Potsdam, famous for its  artistic heritage, and natural reserves like the Spreewald region, there are  many more beautiful places to be discovered in the ‘Land’ of storks and  cranes.
Peaceful - nature - lakes - money for value - bus groups - "East and West" -  Wannsee - Tegel - Schönefeld - Spandau - Köpenick - Potsdam
Folowing: Hotels, Pensions and Hostels in Berlin by district

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