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Culture and leisure in Berlin

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To assist you in preparing your travel to Berlin, this page lists the most popular cultural and leisure venues. Send us an E-mail if you would like us to add a venue
to this list or include another event in the cultural calendar.

Berlin Philharmonic - National Opera Berlin - National Ballet Berlin
Martin Gropius Bau - The Berlin Art Gallery - German Historical Museum
New National Gallery - Theaters, Concerts, Art Galleries
Amazing Places to Discover & Relaxation
Highlights 2021 for Berlin (New page)

Berlin Philharmonic - Berliner Philharmoniker

It is one of the concert halls with best acoustics worldwide!
One of the building's peculiarities is that the orchestra is located in the centre, surrounded by the audience. Another reason to visit the phlhHier sind also zwei von vielen anderen Gründen, warum Sie während Ihres Besuchs in Berlin die Philharmonie genießen sollten. Sie wurde zwischen 1960 und 1963 von Hans Scharoun entworfen, der der Architekt des Wiederaufbaus von Berlin in der Nachkriegszeit war. The Berlin philharmonic orchestra became very famous under the direction of Herbert von Karajan, who was the head of the orchestra from 1955 until his death in 1989. The currant musical director is Sir Simon Rattle ist gegenwärtig der Orchesterchef.

Tickets for important concerts available only one or two months in advance.
You should book as soon as possible.

Address: Herbert-von-Karajan-Str. 1 - 10785 Berlin - +49/ (0)30. 254 880

National Opera - Staatsoper Berlin (Unter den Linden)

In 1741 Knobelsdorff, architect and friend of King Frederick the Great, build the opera house "under the lime trees" according to the wishes of the enlightened monarch and lover of the arts. Actually it was the first musical theatre ever to be built outside a palace. The opera, currently directed by Daniel Barenboim, still has an excellent international reputation and, in the 2004 ranking of a specialist magazine, won the awards for the best orchestra and best choir. Operas are performed in the original language, with subtitles in German. Tickets available already from € 7.

Have a look at the current programme online to get more detailed information about concerts and other musical events taking place at Staatsoper Unter den Linden.

"Im Schiller Theater" - Bismarckstraße 110 -10625 Berlin - +49/ (0)30. 20 35 40

National Ballet Berlin - Staatsballett Berlin

As a consequences of the partition of the city, Berlin possessed three opera houses and two ballet companies, a big financial burden for the endebted city.
Acclaimed by the Berlin public, in 2005 the National Ballet was founded, with the famous dancer Vladimir Malakhow (see photo, in the purple dress) taking over the direction. Thanks to o rganisational restucturing, today the ballet offers an ample programme cooperating, at the same time, with both the National Opera and the German Opera. Tickets can be booked online.

Address: Richard-Wagner-Str. 10 - 10585 Berlin (Deutsche Oper) + Staatsoper im Schiller Theater - +49/ (0)30. 20 35 42 82

Martin Gropius Bau

The impressive museum building was erected accordings to the plans by Martin Gropius and Heino Schmieden in renaissance design as a crafts Museum. Besides, it housed several other collections until it was seriously damaged by bombs in the last weeks of WWII. Only in 1966 it was listed as a monument worthy of preservation and in 1978 reconstructions works started, carried out respectfully by the architects Winnetou Kampmann and Ute Weström. Then the building was named after Martin Gropius, a great-uncle of Bauhaus founder Walter Gropius who had long since called for the museum's reconstruction.

Today Martin-Gropius-Building is one of the most famous and beautiful exhibition spaces in Germany. It offers an adequate setting for international exhibitions of any kind. Architects Hillmer & Sattler were in charge of another refurbishment that took place in 1999/2000: Air-conditioning was installed and the Northern entrance, that had faced the Wall during 29 years, was restored as the main entrance.

Open: Wednesday to Monday from 10 am to 8 pm
Address: Niederkirchnerstraße 7 - 10963 Berlin - +49/ (0)30. 254 86-0

Photo: © jirka-jansch.com, 2007

The Berlin Art Gallery - Berlinische Galerie

The Berlin Art Gallery is one the city's youngest museums: it started as an association in 1975 and was inaugurated at its present location in October 2004.
The foundation and the museum want to be open for everybody, focussing on modern and contemporary art, from 1870 onwards. The collections includes photography and architecture, the city of Berlin being the topical focus as well as promotor of the museum and source of its objects.

The famous Berlin Jewish Museum is only a few steps away from Berlinische Galerie

Open: Wednesday to monday from 10 am to 6 pm
Admission: 8 € /5 € / Under 18 year olds free
Address: Alte Jakobstraße 124 - 128 - 10969 Berlin - +49/ (0)30. 789 02-600

Photo: Kusch + Co

German Historical Museum - Deutsches Historisches Museum DHM

The German Historical Museum is distributed on two buildings.
Since June 2006 in the Baroque arsenal, constructed in 1705, the permanent exhibition with the title "German history in images and testimonials from two millenia" is shown.

The new extension, work of the architect Ieoh Ming Pei, houses temporary exhibitions with topical reference to German and Wuropean history of the 20th century

Open: Daily from 10 am to 6 pm
8 € / Under 18 year olds free
Address: Unter den Linden 2 - 10117 Berlin - +49/ (0)30. 203 040

New National Gallery - Neue Nationalgalerie

Since 1968, this “temple of glass and light”, designed by Bauhaus master Mies van der Rohe and surrounded by sculptures like Henry Moore’s “Archer”, is dedicated to modern art. The exhibition comprises works of 20 th century painters like Kirchner, Klee, Dix, Dalí, Miró and others, taking the visitor on a trip through the history of classical modern art: German expressionism, cubism, surrealism, etc. There is also a sculpture garden visitors can enter on request. The huge lower-ground floor is partly dedicated to the permanent collection, partly to the museum’s temporary exhibitions that have gained international fame.

CLOSED: Visit the Museum Berggruen for Modern Art

Tuesday to friday from 10 am to 6 pm / Varies
Admission: Varies
Address: Potsdamer Straße 50 - 10785 Berlin - +49/ (0)30. 266 2651

Theaters, Concerts, Art Galleries

Opera in Berlin

Deutsche Oper

Bismarckstraße 35, 10627 Berlin   +49 (0)30. 343 84 343

Komische Oper Berlin
Unter den Linden 41, 10117 Berlin   +49 (0)30. 47 99 74 00

+ Staatsoper Unter den Linden (see above) -

Concerts in Berlin (Classical music)

Konzerthaus am Gendarmenmarkt
Am Gendarmenmarkt, 10117 Berlin   +49 (0)30. 203 09 21 01

+ Berliner Philharmoniker (see above)
+ Staatskapelle des Staatsoper

Theaters in Berlin

Deutsches Theater
Schumannstraße 13a, 10117 Berlin   +49 (0)30. 28441-221 o -225

Admiral Palast

Friedrichstraße 101, 10117 Berlin   +49 (0)30. 47 99 74 99

Sophienstr. 18, 10178 Berlin   +49 (0)30. 283 52 66

Cabarets / International

TOP: Wintergarten Varieté
Potsdamer Straße 96, 10785 Berlin   +49 (0)30. 588 433

Theater des Westens
Kantstraße 12, 101623 Berlin   +49 (0)30. 319 030 / 01805. 44 44 (14 ct. Min.)

Rosenthaler Straße 40/41, in den Hackeschen Höfen, 10178 Berlin   +49 (0)30. 4000 590

Friedrichstadtpalast Berlin
Friedrichstr. 107, 10117 Berlin   +49 (0)30. 2326 2326

Tipi das Zelt (Theater-Cabaret)
Große Queralle, am Kanzleramt, 10557 Berlin   +49 (0)30. 39 06 65-0

Bar Jeder Vernunft (Theater-Cabaret)
Schaperstraße 24, 10719 Berlin   +49 (0)30. 883 15 82

Concerts in Berlin (Band & Co.)



Max-Schmeling-Halle in Prenzlauer Berg:

Alle Konzerte auf : www.berlinien.de

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Wellness, Amazing Places & Relaxation in Berlin

Liquidrom (Foto: Liquidrom)
Möckernstr. 10, 10963 Berlin +49/ (0)30. 242 33 339

Berliner Fernsehturm
Panoramastr. 1A, 10178 Berlin +49/ (0)30. 242 33 339

Legoland Discovery Centre
Potsdamer Str. 4, 10785 Berlin +49/ (0)30. 242 33 339

Panorama (Kollhoff-Hochhaus)
Potsdamer Platz 1 , 10785 Berlin +49/ (0)30. 25 29 43 72

Zoologischer Garten Berlin
Hardenbergplatz 8, 10787 Berlin +49/ (0)30. 25 40 10

Other suggestions? Changes? Write to us

Mappa de la Città                         Top of page      
Folowing: Calendar of Cultural Events 2022 for Berlin

We have redesigned our Events 2022 page hoping that the new version will make it easier for you to plan the activities for you next stay in Berlin. It includes more events, which are presented in topical groups according to the 12 months of the year. We also propose activities for each month. Besides, there are interesting links for those who want to dig further in the passionate past and present of the city.



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